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SZ-500 Double shaft shredder machine

2021-04-23 15:21:26


RRaw Material:Plastic bottles

Feed Size:500*480mm

Place Of Use:Tanzania/p>


Blade Quantity(PCS):24

Power:11*2 KW

Product features:

  • Plastic shredder has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, etc. It adopts PLC control system and can be controlled automatically. It has started, stop, reverse, and overload automatic reverse control functions.
  • The motor + reducer drives the cutter shaft to achieve the cutting effect of low speed and high torque.
  • The bearing has six seals, which are effectively waterproof and dustproof, which prolongs the service life of the bearing.
  • Tool wear repair technology is adopted after the tool is worn to realize multiple reuses of the tool, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the tool.
  • Split box design can easily and quickly remove the entire knife shaft (shaft, blade, bearing, sealing system).
  • The tools are arranged in a spiral line to achieve efficient cutting.
  • The inner hole of the tool and the main shaft surface adopt a hexagonal design to achieve uniformity of the force on the tool.
  • Depending on the material and product shape to be shredded, different types of knives can be selected

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