Waste aluminum crushing production line

Waste aluminum crushing separation line, dedicated to the treatment of waste The Broken Bridge aluminum, aluminum alloy profiles, etc. The production line has advanced efficiency. It can fully separate aluminum iron, plastic and plastic strip.

Working principle

The whole waste aluminum crushing and sorting line is composed of feed conveyor, main engine, vibrating feeder, and so on Discharge conveyor magnetic separator iron conveyor impurity conveyor eddy current separation Machine dust remover PLC control cabinet. The crushed material from the waste aluminum crushing and sorting line, Through vibration feeder, belt conveyor, magnetic separation system, the iron metal objects, and The non-ferrous metal and non-metallic materials are separated and sent out by their respective conveyors. Yes, Color metal and non-metallic objects on the conveyor will again be searched by magnetic separation equipment Free iron metal material is picked out, so as to improve the recovery rate of iron metal material and pass through the vortex. The current separator can separate nonferrous metals and improve recovery efficiency. The whole crushing line is controlled by PLC It can realize microcomputer control and manual operation.

The main equipment

The main equipment of waste aluminum crushing and sorting line includes: chain plate feeding conveyor, waste aluminum crusher host, Liquid vortex current separator, press feeding device, vibration feeder, belt discharge conveyor, upper Suction magnetic separator, discharge conveyor, iron remover, rotary conveyor, etc.

Applicable materials

Scrap aluminum crushing production line is mainly used to crush aluminum alloy, machine aluminum, raw aluminum, and other waste aluminum products for recycling.


  • Ultra-high crushing efficiency
    It adopts hydraulic feeding, swing hammer and ring hammer combined crushing hammer head, which improves the efficiency of 5%-15% compared with other crushers.
  • Perfect finished pellets
    The unique roller kneading process is used to significantly remove paint and other dirt, form high-density pellets, and improve the grade of crushed materials.
  • Stable operation ability
    Set up a safety door. After the unbreakable material enters the crushing chamber, the operator can open the safety door and discharge it out of the machine body to avoid damage to the crusher.
  • Intelligent control system
    PLC control system and hydraulic power system, intelligent production saves time and effort, and realizes stable, automatic and safe operation of the whole production line.


Model Voltage Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Configure auxiliary machines
PSJ-140 380v 132 2-3 Feeding conveyor 1 set
Output conveyor   1 set
Steel conveyor  1 set
Impurity conveyor  1 set
Magnetic separation system 1 set
Dust removal system 1 set
PLC system 1 set
Intelligent visual system (optional)   1set
Spray system (optional)  1set
PSJ-200 380v 200 3-5
PSJ-280 380v 280 4-7
PSJ-315 380v 315 5-8
PSJ-450 380v 450 8-12
PSJ-630 10kv 630 10-15
PSJ-750 10kv 750 12-17
PSJ-800 10kv 800 15-20
PSJ-900 10kv 900 20-30
1500hp 10kv 1200 25-40
2000hp 10kv 1500 50-60
3000hp 10kv 2250 60-80
4000hp 10kv 3000 80-100
6000hp 10kv 4420 100-160
8000hp 10kv 6000 160-200
10000hp 10kv 7500 200-260

Configure auxiliary machines

Feeding conveyor,output conveyor,steel conveyor,Impurity conveyor,magnetic separation system,dust removal system,PLC system,intelligent visual system (optional),spray system (optional)

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