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Gongyi Jinlong Hengji Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise engaged in the manufacture and sales of machinery and equipment for the environmental protection and recycling industry. With the core concept of “energy saving, environmental protection and recycling”, the company is committed to creating a circular economy industrial chain integrating “solid waste disposal”, “waste recycling and processing”, “recycling waste utilization” and “hazardous waste disposal”. Our company has advanced processing equipment and testing facilities, and has become a modern enterprise focusing on "solid waste processing equipment" and "waste steel processing equipment".

The business scope has covered the pre-crushing treatment and sorting of domestic garbage, industrial waste, electronic waste, agricultural and forestry waste, hazardous waste, medical waste and other materials. The single machine products mainly include shredder, scrap shearing machine, scrap crusher, hydraulic pig crusher, metal baler, etc.; production lines include: scrap crushing line, auto shell crushing line, household appliance crushing line, tire recycling line, large-size garbage Disposal system, hazardous waste disposal system, paper mill waste treatment line


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