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What should be paid attention to during the use of HJ eddy current separator?

2021-03-09 16:10:52

1. Since the working magnetic field of the machine is very high and there is eddy current, the sorting materials when entering the unit must be subjected to iron removal and sorting to remove the iron-containing substances (if the incomplete removal may cause the belt to wear and the magnetic roller outer tube wear and other losses).

2. The power supply voltage is 380V and the insulation is reliable and the bottom line must be connected.

3. The temperature of the place where the general machine is located should be lower than 60 °;

4. The motor’s V-belt should be tight and should not be too loose or too tight (because the motor is directly connected to the high-speed working device)

5. After turning on the machine, it must be put into production after the machine runs smoothly;

6. This machine will be more effective in sorting metal above 25m㎡.

7. The material entering the machine is required to be evenly laid on the sorting belt, preferably with a vibrating distributor.

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