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Production introduction

Kitchen waste is the residual waste after people's meal and the waste ingredients in the cooking process (such as peeled vegetables and vegetables), mainly from restaurants, families, enterprises and institutions canteens. The main ingredients are rice, pasta, meat bones, vegetables and oils. Its chemical composition is protein, fat, carbohydrate, volatile fatty acid, inorganic salt, trace element and water. Kitchen waste has the characteristics of large amount of production, high water content and high organic content. Therefore, the resource utilization of kitchen waste is receiving more and more attention and the prospects are promising.

Due to the special nature of kitchen waste materials, including plastic bags, beer bottle caps, chopsticks, wrapping paper, vegetables, melons, food meat, etc., the materials are mixed soft and hard. If fermentation and composting are directly carried out, the efficiency may be slow. If the kitchen waste is first reduced to a smaller size, the efficiency will be increased several times. Jinlong Hengji has developed a kitchen waste crusher that can directly break the kitchen waste to a minimum size of 10-15mm, which can improve the efficiency of fermentation.

working principle:

The structure of the kitchen waste crusher consists of two rolling shafts and specially designed blades. The blade mechanism generates strong shearing and tearing forces during work, and breaks all kinds of soft and hard garbage. When encountering a hard object that cannot be crushed, the cutter shaft will automatically reverse and alarm, which is convenient for the operator to take out the hard object. Even if the garbage contains large pieces of soft material such as plastic film, paper and table cloth, the pulverizer can easily shred such materials. For wet and sticky kitchen waste, the kitchen and the crusher work well and are self-cleaning.


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