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box-shear machine

box-shear machine


Product introduction:

Box-type shears are horizontal structure, the equipment is driven by hydraulic pressure, compared with mechanical transmission shears with small volume, light weight, small inertia, low noise, smooth movement, flexible operation, large shear section and other characteristics. Adopt hydraulic and electrical integrated control, can carry out single, continuous action conversion, easy to use. In the shear, the shear material does not need manual support, as long as according to the speed of shear, continuous shear material into the material box of the equipment can be.

1. Improved security. The material is always in the box when the box shears work, there is no risk of spatter.

2. Improve production efficiency and save labor costs. The box-type shears are fully automated, equipped with suckers or steel grippers for feeding. It only needs one person to operate, which improves work efficiency and saves labor cost.

3. Removable. In the design of box shears, the integration of the whole machine is fully taken into account to achieve vehicle-type movement. Users can process wastes in different sites and save a lot of transportation costs.

Product features:

1. Independent research and development, independent brand, mature technology

2. Imported parts, lower operation cost, higher quality, energy saving and high efficiency

3. Fully enclosed structure, high safety performance, low industrial injury probability

4. Vehicle-mounted mobile customization is available to meet the needs of changing venues

5. All-in-one installation free, on demand

6.PLC control, manual automatic operation, automatic labor free

7. Power system and diesel system can be used for two purposes

8. Cycle design, long working hours and low human capital requirements

9. Wide application range, less restrictions on material delivery, high safety performance

10. Self-designed, long service life and strong shear force


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