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Garbage shredder machine

Garbage shredder machine

product description: The garbage shredder is suitable for crushing operations such as municipal solid waste, electronic waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste, medical waste, etc. It is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, efficient, low in dust, low in maintenance cost, and safe in operation. The garbage shredder can effectively handle various solid wastes. The crushed material has a uniform particle size of 95% ≤ 50mm, which achieves the purpose of crushing and destroying and improving the efficiency of incineration.

Applications: Household garbage, large garbage, medical garbage, hazardous waste, garden garbage, e-waste

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working principle:

The garbage shredder mainly relies on the principle of “shearing and cutting” to complete the process of crushing solid waste. The motor drives the reducer to transmit the torque to the moving knife of the crusher through the cutter roller shaft, and the knife hook of the movable knife hooks the material down. Torn, the blade of the roller is chopped and solid waste like a scissors, and the crushed material and the pre-screened material are discharged from the bottom of the crusher.


1. With low speed, high torque, low noise, etc., it adopts PLC control system, which can be automatically controlled. It has start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.

2. The motor + reducer drives the cutter shaft to achieve the shearing effect of low speed and high torque.

3. The bearing is six-fold sealed, which is effective in waterproof and dustproof and prolongs the service life of the bearing.

4. After the tool wears, the tool welding repair technology is used to realize the repeated use of the tool, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the tool.

5. Separate box design, which can easily and quickly remove the entire cutter shaft (shaft, blade, bearing, sealing system).

6. The tool is arranged in a spiral to achieve efficient cutting.

7. The inner hole and the main surface of the tool are designed in a hexagonal shape to achieve the uniformity of the force of the tool.

8. According to the different materials and product shapes to be shredded, different types of tools can be selected.







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