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Hydraulic motor shredder machine

Hydraulic motor shredder machine

This shredder adopts balance power control and radial hydraulic motor direct drive, so as to highlight the advantages of large torque, large output, low energy consumption. Applicable materials:Metal, plastic, wood, rubber, tires, cars, household waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste and so on

Applications: Renewable resources, household waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, solid waste disposal, etc

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Product features:

1. In the same volume, hydraulic actuators can produce more power than electrical devices. Under the same power condition, the hydraulic actuator is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. The volume and weight of the hydraulic motor is only about 12% of the same power motor.

2. The work of the hydraulic actuator is relatively stable. Because of its light weight, small inertia and quick response, the hydraulic actuator is easy to start, brake and change direction frequently. The reversing frequency of the hydraulic device can reach up to 500 times per minute in the realization of reciprocating rotary motion and 1000 times per minute in the realization of reciprocating linear motion.

3. Hydraulic transmission can realize stepless speed regulation in a wide range (speed regulation ratio can be up to 1:2000), and can be in the process of hydraulic device running speed regulation.

4 hydraulic transmission easy to achieve automation, because it is on the liquid pressure, flow and flow direction of control or regulation, easy to operate. When hydraulic control and electrical control or pneumatic control combined, can achieve more complex sequential action and remote control.

5. The hydraulic device is easy to realize overload protection and the hydraulic parts can lubricate themselves, so the service life is long.





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