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mobile crusher machine

mobile crusher machine

The mobile crusher is a kind of coal pulverizing equipment. Its working principle is to feed the raw materials into the feeding port of the machine. The material is crushed by the upper rotor in the pulverizing chamber. After the material is crushed, it enters the lower rotor and is shredded again. The cavity collides with each other to form a hammer powder and a powder material. The coal particles with a particle size of less than 2 mm are formed, and finally discharged from the discharge port. This is the whole working principle of the coal pulverizer. At present, the new type of coal pulverizer has no sieve bottom and screen mesh, so the material with high moisture content is not clogged, and the problem that the material cannot be discharged in time and repeated crushing is solved. Moreover, the hammer head has strong wear resistance, and materials of different hardness can be crushed, even if the hammer head is worn, it is not repaired, and the moving position can be reused.

Applications: Large and small brick factory, coal washing plant, slag plant, coal and other industries

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Performance advantage

1. The main advantage of mobile coal crusher is its flexible mobile characteristics, which can save the cost and time of infrastructure construction. It can be directly driven into the production site and quickly put into production. It does not require long-distance transportation of raw materials and reduces working hours. Consumption, saving users' production costs

2. The mobile coal crusher can realize various functions of conveying, screening and crushing. Users can choose different modules to be freely combined according to actual production conditions, and can realize comprehensive production line configuration on relatively narrow sites.

3. The mobile coal crusher is equipped with dust removal equipment and noise reduction and noise reduction equipment, which can effectively eliminate the environmental pollution in the production process. The pollution at the production site is low, and the phenomenon of material blockage and adhesion is not easy to occur, and the efficiency is high and the output is large.



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