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Scrap car shell hammer shredding production line

Scrap car shell hammer shredding production line


Production line introduction:

Scrap car crushing production line is a device for scrap car shell and scrap metal crushing and recycling, which is convenient for recycling and recycling. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes for a scrapped car to go through multiple processes and directly generate steel, non-ferrous metals, wires, plastics, rubber and other renewable resources.

Production process:

The scrap car crushing production line is composed of heavy double-shaft shredder, scrap steel crusher, transmission equipment, separation equipment and dust removal system. The production line is mainly used in scrap metal, automobile shell, aluminum casting, waste appliances and other broken recovery. Mainly through the heavy duty two-axle shredder for pre-crushing treatment, and then through the scrap crusher for secondary crushing, and clean the surface paint and dirt. In the crushing process, dust removal equipment is used to remove light materials and dust. After subsequent magnetic separation, eddy current separation, secondary separation and special screening system separation, it will be classified and recycled. The whole system adopts PLC control and dynamic real-time monitoring. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption per unit, large processing capacity, good economy, low maintenance cost, good processing effect and low capacity requirement for the input power supply.


customer work site :




Production line configuration:

1. Shredder: tear the whole car shell into pieces

2. Scrap crusher: to break the iron sheet into smaller balls

3. Magnetic separator: separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

4. Eddy current separator: separate copper and aluminum from mixture of non-ferrous metals

5. Dust removal system: collect dust from the system and filter the air before discharge

Features of the production line:

1. The whole car shell is directly put into the air without disassembling in advance

2. Configure equipment models according to customer production requirements, with a wide range of options

3. From mixed material raw materials to single material finished products, the automatic processing process does not require secondary handling

Accurate separation of ferrous and nonferrous metals

5. High mobility of installation site

6. Stick to 80-100 hours feeding test of the main engine to ensure stable performance


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